DMDs and sinuses...

Hi I’m having my first cold while on a DMD and i cant shake it off. It usually cleared within three days, in theory my immunity is great at fighting bugs! Now, it seems I’m not getting better after a week and it’s in my sinuses. Do you guys have worse colds etc when on MS drugs? Does it just linger for longer or do i need my GP?

I don’t take DMDs but I and lots of other people I know have had severe colds with sinus problems. Mine started a couple of weeks before Christmas and my sinuses are still not right. My Mum who although 83 is never Ill has also had a severe chest infection and painful sinuses. I’m not saying it has nothing to do with your meds but there is a nasty virus going around.

Hope you feel better soon

Jan x

Thanks Jan. Did you seeyour GP?

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No I didn’t, I don’t think they can do anything much for that kind of thing. I’m not suggesting you don’t go though, there’s only you know how you feel and how Ill you are.

Jan x