DMD's & alcohol

Hi all

Recent dx and have been offered DMD’s which I’m keen to accept.

I’ve done the MS Decisions website about which DMD but some/most of them appear to hint at no alcohol !!

Now I’m partial to a glass of wine and/or a beer so my question is

Which DMD are you taking and is alcohol excluded or should it be



heya… ive been on rebif since april…i asked my nurse that question as i am also partial to a glass of wine or two :slight_smile: and was told its absolutely fine… obvs in moderation but hay thats what all doctors advice.

good luck with your decision.


Hi Adam, I’m on Avonex and was told by MS Nurse that alcohol is fine. Same old “In moderation”. Been on Avonex and Alcohol since April with no problems!!! Rob.

i’m on copaxone and alcohol not a problem.

but tizanidine! only a couple of sips and the room started spinning.

so i dont take the tizanidine if i’m likely to have a drink!

carole x

Hi Adam

Just want to echo what has been said above. I was told “in moderation” but keep away from the spirits. That’s ok as if I am gonna have a tipple it will be wine.

Shazzie xx

Hi Adam

I was on Rebif for 4 years up to this September. I always found I could have the odd glass of alcohol without a problem.

I will never forget one conversation I had with the nurse at one of my check-ups in the first year. I had missed my staff Christmas party the previous year as I was in hospital with my first ever symptoms so I was determined to make up for it the following year. Christmas was approaching, the staff party was on a Friday and this coincided with injection night and I always did my injections at bedtime so I could sleep through any side effects.

I mentioned all of this to the nurse and told her that if I was anywhere near as drunk as I planned to be, I would be in no fit state to give myself the injection. I asked what she suggested. She was one of the older nurses at the hospital and she fixed me with a steely look and said “If you must have a drink, I suggest you switch injection night to Saturday and then go back to Monday, Wednesday, Friday the following week.” To this day, I don’t know how I kept a straight face!!

Tracey xx

Do your injection before you go out Jen. Then drink in moderation and see how you feel. I’m sure you will be fine. I did actually find, once I was an ‘old hand’ at injecting that I could do them when I was slightly inebriated. I like to think I was just proving the nurse wrong ha ha.

Good luck for Monday, I’m sure you will breeze through it. You seem like a strong person with a can-do attitude

Tracey x

First of all I’m not diagnosed or on copaxane (‘in limbo’) but Elmo’s comment made me smile.

I have another disorder which often requires periods on drugs that I have to self inject. First time around I was horrified at the whole concept of self injecting but hubby was lovely and took over doing them for me - even getting up at 3am when the hospital messed up the time of the shots. The first time I injected myself was after a large glass of red and was definitely attributable to ‘dutch courage’ - though probably not an approach the docs would recommend.

I’ve been on Capaxone since 2004, I live in Belgium, so of course I can’t stop drinking the beer -:). Also in moderation. No problems at all. Greg

Thanks everyone these answers have really helped - possibly indicative of too much fondness for drinking :slight_smile: