Tecfidera & alcohol

Hi there,

As the party season is almost upon us, i wondered if anyone taking Tecfidera has drunk any alcohol?

I know the instructions state not to drink for 2 hours after taking the meds - but i’m still a bit wary. It especially puts a dampner on things if you go out to dinner and can’t take your tablet until you have eaten then have to wait 2 hours before having a drink (I don’t always want to be the designated driver!)

TBH i’m not sure that there’s much chance of me drinking in the near future as i’ve had a bout of TN that won’t go away - but i can live in hope. There’s nothing worse than being the only sober person at the office christmas lunch!

Murraymint x

I’m interested in this answer as I’m contemplating changing to this soon . However I do like a drink at a weekend and on my holidays. Also I still socialise a lot. I don’t drink lots but definitely max of two bottles a week between Friday and Sunday. X


I’m on Tecfidera and have been since May.

My MS Nurse told me that as DMDs are long term meds, it’s important that they fit into our lives not that we fit our lives into them.

I do like a wee glass or two of wine, so she told me to leave at least an hour either side of taking my Tec if drinking alcohol and always leave at least 4 hours between doses, so if I want a drink with an evening meal, I take my first dose with my breakfast and my second dose with an afternoon snack, about 4pm when I’m preparing an after school snack anyway for my son.



I am on Tecfidera and beer.

I think it is just common sense to allow as much time between each as possible, but i do not do anything drastic (like abstain from either) for any period of time.

If i know booze will be imbibed, i will leave my evening tec dose until immediately before bedtime, even if my belly is already full of oat soda.

Currently i am popping the 120mg capsules; i therefore take #3 an hour or so before i go out (but at least 4 hours after #1 and #2) and then #4 when i get back home again.

Tecfidera is both long term and slow release. I do not know of any contra-indication caused by dietary alcohol and my neurologist has no problems with my methods of hydration either.


interesting post as i’m about to start on it and do so like a drink!

carole x

I suppose there’s no way to know how you’ll be affected until you try. Unfortunately I’ve always been an all or nothing girl. “Just having the one” is not for me (same applies with biscuits lol!)

Interestingly, since I started taking pregabalin (4 years ago) i have never suffered a hang-over, whereas before i was always ill for days after drinking - at least there’s a positive in that!

Hopefully by the time christmas rolls around i will be free of the TN that has been plaguing me since August and can enjoy a tipple.

Happy drinking!