Alcohol and DMDs

Quick question…I don’t drink a lot really, only drink at a weekend and probably couple of glasses in a Friday, a few more than that on a Saturday and maybe one or two Sunday. Then that’s it. If I go out with friends for a meal, event etc or day out I obviously drink more. What I want to know is do DMDs mean no alcohol? I can manage if not but in another way I do enjoy a drink, not lots, rubbish with hangovers and getting too old for drinking to get p***ed. Just wanted opinions please x

No, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean no alcohol. It’s not stopped me for the last nine years and I’ve never read or heard that it could be a problem.

Val [just getting round a very large G & T after a busy week at work]

Which DMD are you on? Nine years, thats a long time to be on one, its obviously working which is good to know :slight_smile: and also.good to know I don’t have to give my rose wine up and prosecco with my girlie friends x

Definitely not - we have enough to give up!

I’ve been on Betaferon and it still works really well for me. I’ve been offered Tysabri and this week also Gilenya but I’m doing OK so I’ll stick with it for now.

Enjoy that rose and time out with the girls…

Thanks very much. Looking at DMDs myself at the moment. Worried over what to take, side effects etc. I work and am a mummy so want to avoid effects on this. X x x

I had a young son at the time, husband working shifts, I was (and still am) working every day. It is a big decision and there’s a lot written about nasty side effects but you may not get any at all. The flu symptoms I had were controlled with paracetamol so I never noticed them. And after a few weeks I didn’t get any at all.

My thinking was that if I could prevent just one relapse and the effect it had on my whole family, then it’s worth it. A bit of shivering and aching for a few hours after the injection is far better than a relapse that might floor me for months and impact on everyone around me.

And it’s worked. So good luck with whatever you decide.

Thanks thatsreally useful to know and does make a difference to my thoughts at the moment. Im worried about the depression too.Cheers hun x

I take Avonex auto injection pen, which is one of several DMD options you should get. I also drink sometimes on the night I administer the injection, not much mind, I haven’t been drunk since I was 18!

There are no adverse effects assuming you are still sober enough to inject yourself without causing harm.