DMD Fridge Advice ?

Hello All,

I am really hoping for some advice - I am on Avonex, so need to keep the meds at 2-8 degrees … I live in a flatshare and our crappy fridge is always at 10 degrees. Anyway! Obviously I need to buy a little fridge to keep my meds safe … can anyone recommend anything? Seems like all the little beer/wine fridges I have found do not control temperature well enough, while medical fridges are far too expensive.

Can anyone recommend a small reliable fridge? Has anyone else dealt with this problem?

Any advice would be very appreciated.

All best wishes,


I cant really help other than the fridge in our old caravan was small but very effective,maybe one aimed at that market is a good place to look…and then the spare space can house the beer aswell.

Happy hunting


Hi kk77 Approach social services or even the ms trust and see if you can get a grant for one. Another way if you claim benefits is to apply to them via the social fund look at Www. It is a legitimate expense your salty. Also try your caring sharing landlord and see if they get u a £100 beer fridge that works at 2 degrees- the cash will be tax deductible and they may get a grant for it Hope this helps- good lick with your quest

Hi, I am using it as an excuse to buy a new frige freezer. I start my Avonex on Friday.

hope you get it sorted. x