Meds and refridgeration

Hi everyone,

Just a word of warning, make sure not to keep your meds too close to the cooling element of the fridge or they could freeze.

I am, or was, almost 3 weeks into titration on Rebif when we came away on holiday. Having nursemaided the meds through almost 24 hours in the car and managing to keep them at the correct temperature, we arrived at our accomadation early before it was ready so, with a huge sigh of relief, i handed my meds over to reception so that they could be put in a proper fridge.

Unfortunately the fridge was turned down too low and they came back to me frozen. The My Support helpline were fantastic, but unfortunately I’ve been without meds for 2 weeks now and when I get back I have to wait for a new delivery of the 22mcg and then an MS nurse appointment to reset the Rebismart device, so I reckon I’ll be off them for 3 weeks, plus I’ll then only be on half dose for a further month before I can get up to full dose.

Could have been worse I suppose, but I’ll be very reluctant to hand them over to anyone else again any time soon!

Funny how you can go from dreading the thought of injecting to actually wanting to be able to in the short space of three weeks. :slight_smile:

I think we are going to become very protective over our medication now aren’t we. I definitely am. Hopefully you’ll have your appointment soon hun xxx

Haha. Hubby said I was being overprotective on the way down and to stop fussing.

The words “I told you so” never left my mouth - honest!

Enjoy your hols. Hope you have better weather than we have.

I’m sure hun…bet they were muttered a little :wink: I hope we do too hun . X