DLA: Worrying times ahead of us again!

There are approximately 3.2 m people in receipt of DLA. It seems quite obvious that the condems find it a useful exercise to exaggerate the ‘benefit fraud’ figures to justify their attacks on the disabled people of the UK.

Over the last couple of years have you noticed the increasing amount of disinformation making provocative claims like “On The Fiddle” “Scroungers” “Benefit Fraudsters” “Brand New Mercedes” “Luxury Holidays” “at Tax Payers expense” “Shop Your Neighbour” etc?

I think this is designed to prime the British public into viewing us all with the same contempt as the old etonian’s view us. When they reassess all DLA recipients (starting April 2013) to change over to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), it is estimated that some 500,000 disabled people will lose out!

The Hardest Hit coalition www.hardesthit.org.uk/ of which the MS Soc is a member, has published a new report: welfare cuts hitting disabled people the hardest www.mssociety.org.uk/ms-news/2012/10/new-report-welfare-cuts-hitting-disabled-people-hardest This is important information for anyone who is currently in receipt of DLA.

There is a clever little animation called ‘Cutting Numbers’ http://vimeo.com/45076106 that sums it up quite well.

Worrying times ahead of us again!


An aside to this, because it is the governments own fault in some cases that folk are in receipt of DLA when they shouldn’t be … I have a lovely neighbour who was having great difficulty walking because of her very painful knee and was awarded high mobility DLA. A few months later she was given a new knee joint, and 6 months after that was walking perfectly again. However, she is still receiving DLA when she now shouldn’t be, and will be for another 2 years. How many others are in this situation I wonder?


Hi Just a point to correct a date… Reassessments start October 2013 not April. Hilary- your neighbour has signed a form saying they would declare any changes. They are committing fraud by failing to do so. The govt can’t be expected to reassess 3.2m people. People need to take ownership or expect to be ‘shopped’. S4ar


Yes, I agree, if this process weeds out these people then that is definitely a good result. That’s exactly who they should be targeting. If this woman is still claiming DLA now, then that is fraudulent and therefore a crime.

My point is, that the rest of us are tarred with the same brush, especially the many people who have MS who have complex and often variable symptoms that are not outwardly obvious and do not appear to be ‘disabled enough’ when the assessor completes their tick sheet.

I hope the new system will have the loopholes tightened up to prevent these people from exploiting it any more, otherwise it will have been a complete waste of time.

Bill. x