Scope warning

There is a news item this morning from Scope a charity representing disabled people that lots of disabled will lose their benefits under new government proposals ‘as only the most severely disabled’ will be entitled. The government are going to rewrite disability according to a money saving exercise!

Housing costs, transport etc are not going to be factored into their new assessment methods.

I see ‘quality of life’ issues here and think that the human rights act may come into play. After all a disability takes away abilities for the disabled to partake in normal acitivities without extra help to try do so. Are we all going to be locked in our homes, fear turning on the heat, and be unable to buy adequate foodstuffs to maintain health. What about any supplements, extra equipment, ability to get out and about, be it appointments etc. What about care issues?

I want to know what the ms society is doing to defend our right to help because of the nature of our chronic disability. Some of us also have secondary illnesses too.

How do you feel about all this. Some chose to close their ears to it, others are very upset and stressed worried sick, most dont know what to do, but surely those with power can and must defend us?



Going to check it out now Bren.


Keep me informed Bren

Hugs Doris

why has this OLD post of yawns appeared the date is oct 2011,

one thing though its right what was said lol !!!

This is outrageous but frankly I am not surprised. I challenged my mp some time ago when the decision was made to Change DLA to PIP. I said then it appeared the government were raising the threshold. He denied this and trotted out some drivel about it having to change to combat fraud. I’d have thought it would have cost less to leave it alone and weed out the fraudsters. Changing it’s name and terms won’t stop fraud. My husband is my sole carer. When he was admitted to hospital I asked for help. Social Services customer care told me my needs had to be substantial ie unable to get in and out of bed, unable to wash or get to the toilet. Being housebound and unable to make a meal or hot drink didn’t count, so I got no help. To qualify for help I would have to be paralysed! I know it’s not a bottomless pit of money, but once again, as usual, the most vulnerable and least able to fight back are being targeted to try to save money.

Just noticed this is an old post. I stand by my reply though.

Interesting how it’s all come true though. We have to get rid of this psychopath and his cronies at the next election. X

Maybe psychopath was a bit strong lol…I’m only on my second cuppa tea :slight_smile:

It has come true I struggle to afford food and heating…and not in receipt of any benefits

Hi all,

Im amazed this post has reappeared, but yes its all coming true. How sad we now have a government who wants to make the disabled poorer whilst the rich have a tax decrease via their pals in the Lords and government.

Thanks for replying, if more want to your free to voice your opinion, at least we have an outlet on here to vent our anger.



Hardly a shock and just the same old Tories.

Hey bren! Long time since I saw yr name on the forum.

I joined Scope 2 weeks ago and go on Monday afternoons. So when I saw the thread titled Scope warning, it made me wonder.

How are you?

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