Dizzy Spells/headache related to CNS inflammation?

Hi guys

I was diagnosed with CNS inflammation 3 weeks ago. They think it was due to a virus that i had at the end of august.

Since then i have noticed i get these really weird dizzy spells and they always happen in the same order:

suddenly start feeling dizzy,

hot flushes

then a realllly bad headache and tiredness

My neck feels a bit stiff too.

So weird. I have actually recorded that this happened on 8th September, 14th September and today which is 4th November. Do you guys think its to do with all this inflammation in my brain/spine or just a coincidence?

Sooo sooo weird! and i hate that it just appears.


It could be the inflammation, but always best to check things with a GP.

Karen x

Hi Karen

Thanks for reply.

Well I spoke to my GP who thinks it might be low blood pressure!! It does kind of make sense. He said sometimes blood pressure can drop too low suddenly and can produce these symptoms. He told me to keep a diary of when it happens.

Do you think its a logical explanation?

Rebecca x

I do indeed - I get it too you see and I have low blood pressure :slight_smile:

If you ever feel faint, lie down or sit with your head between your legs - getting blood to your head stops the faint. It doesn’t take long and once you feel better it’s normally over. When this happens it’s called vasovagal syncope. It’s harmless - the faint is to protect your brain - to get blood to it quickly. A lot of people have it.