Dizzy feeling , weaker legs.

Hi, I’ve had this slight underlying dizziness for about four days now, along with more concentration required to walk. But on top of this I’ve had diarrhea.

Could this have anything to do with MS?

Thanks for you help.


Hello Tom,

Sorry to learn you are not feeling good. Yes it is possible but as you have had diarrhoea it could also be that you have had an infection. May I suggest you contact your doctor or MS nurse as their knowledge is far better than mine. Hope you feel better very soon.



hi tom

some meds cause upset tummy.

as janet says, see your gp and contact your ms nurse.

get a shipping load of loo paper.

sit tight and hang in there.

carole x

i get this and its the ms that causes advice sorry, it will go off when it wants.Just try and rest a lot,thats what i do,if i overdo things i am worse.

J x

The slight dizziness could be vertigo, which could be MS. Weaker legs could also be MS. Any bowel difference could be MS too. Put them all together and it sounds like MS to me. Do you have an MS nurse you could run this lot by? Or a neurological service? Or your GP? Maybe they’ll give you some steroids (if you want them).


I really dont knw what to think take you a year ago when all this started I started with a lot of emotian and pain in 1 leg and looked to me as if I had a dent were muscle was and pain up and down 1 leg tingleing and burning sensation lack of appatite thist whent on for 4 month then 8 weeks ago started to have neck pain and my neck swelled at back headaches and dizzynes for 4 week pins and needles in the right burning down 1 arm and legs my foot whent numb my muscle dented in in my arm now and ocasinal pain. In my arm and fatuige in my legs and arms tempal pain and dry skin hormonal also get a crawing fuzzy feeling in my head awating to c a nurolagist any 1 can shed any light

To be honest, what you’ve described doesn’t necessarily sound too much like MS. Some things fit with an MS diagnosis, but many don’t ( ie. dents in your muscles, neck swelling, losing appetite, dry skin etc). Obviously it could be MS, but it sounds like you need to see the neurologist. What makes you think it’s MS?

As most of the symptoms fit with ms my dr said I am awating a nurolagest app its in bloody march my doc has been intouch with the nurolagist to speed the app up just waiting now as thease symptomst arnt every day but the arm and leg fatuige is my leg whent back to normal after the 1st bout of it last year now its back and its in my arm and twinges in my leg kind of a spazem I would say x