legs giving way :(


looking for some help please. I was out the other day a week or so ago and felt incredible dizzy and light headed and felt my legs giving way underneath me. i felt weakness all day that day but was terrified when it happened like that. not to mention being really embarrassed…

then a few days ago, i had a bout of falling and tripping up over everything. this has lasted several days. i am know feeling too scared to go out without any one with me. Can anyone tell me if there is any meds available for me to help with this?

thank you

Not sure about meds but I do think you should contact your MS nurse / GP about this. Don’t be embarrassed, you need help dealing with new symptoms. Take care. xx

Hi Annelda 72

So I take it that there is nothing that can be done about this then?

that this is just the sart of severe mobility issues?

thnx for ur reply anyway x


This isn’t necessarily a long term situation, but you need to speak to your MS Nurse/GP - as suggested by annelda72 - so that they can address this as soon as possible.

It’s a bit unrealistic to be so resigned simply because one lay-person wasn’t able to instantly suggest a resolution to your issue!!

(I’m sure the treatment will be influenced by the type of MS, medical history etc. etc.)

The Nurse/GP might well be able to suggest a medication or treatment (steroids perhaps?) that could be a way of resolving this symptom - but you need to tell them !!

Good luck,


Hello anon.

You’ve not said if you’ve been diagnosed with MS or waiting for results of investigations??

Your dizziness could be the result of many things…you need to give us us a bit more info please.

Yes there are medications to help. Book an appointmentment with your GP.

I hope things get sorted for you. Try and share a little more information so we can give you some more advice.

Take care, Noreen

The same used to happen to me regularly.

I had amalgam fillings removed from my teeth after research.

Hey presto. It doesn’t happen now.

Good luck.

Have you looked into vitB12 deficiency. Dr Chandy’s website And read the article about MS. or

This weeks Pathways mag [ms-uk] page 24 article about a lady with MS ‘vitamin b12 transformed my life!’

Hi Blossom and everyone else who have replied to my post and ty.

Yes I am diagnosed (2yrs now) and have the RR kind of MS. I have only had 1relapse as far as I can tell (at diagnosis time) and apart from Pain which is treated by Pain meds, I have been ok so far til now thankfully.

I ate well the days it was happening.

My hubby did say that he hinks it was cos i was already fatigued to start the day with and we went for a bit of a walk (things to do) So he thinks its the MS too.

I kind of trying to not admite that it could be a sign of things getting worse - MS wise as , well none of us want to think about that road do we :frowning:

P.s not any any other meds apart from pain killers and never been offerefd any DMDs and stuff.

ty againfor all help


Hello again anon.

Its possible this could be a relapse so you really should be contacting your MS nurse or seeing your GP or both.

I’ve only just been diagnosed…don’t even know what type I have yet.

There are things you can do to help with your symptoms both practical and medication.

I don’t really feel qualified to offer anymore advice…see gp soon won’t you.

Take care, Noreen

Hi Anon,

I have had this about three times now. The last time I had it was realy scary. I was on my own and it was about three o’clock in the morning. I felt very isolated and very vulnerable. I had to walk from a club to the bus stop which was about ten minutes away. I thought I wasn’t going to make it. It was the longest ten minutes of my life. I think I was at a beginning of a relapse, so you could be too. I don’t drink and I had had a lot of sugary drinks that night. I think that this made it worse.

I am out of relapse now and I feel really well. I should imagine that this will be a short term symptom for you. Have a chat to your MS nurse, see what they have to say.

Good luck with it.

Adrian x

hi anon

i’m sorry to tell you that you can’t go for a walk without paying for it.

that doesnt mean that you can’t go for walks but you need to figure in rest time.

think of it as a cool down (doesnt sound as disabled).

do let your ms nurse know because all this info may help them decide on dmd’s.

hubby was right about the fatigue.

carole x