Worried/scared I could have ms, need some advice

I’m 24 but my balance has been really bad, I’ve had at least 15 falls in the past couple months where I’ve landed on the ground, my walking is so unstable, if I stand up I start to fall backwards or nearly fall sometime I managed to stop myself that would make it at least 30 times.

I get spasms on my legs, sometimes it feels like I lose control of them, couples months ago I had spasms down my arms and in my back. Or I just get weird sensations in my legs. It almost feels like I’m drunk when I walk, I think I look like it when I walk.

I get so dizzy all the time and have had the worst fatigue lately. Had a few blackouts as well.

My dr wouldn’t listen to me and said there can’t be anything wrong because I’m so young, every dr appt I made it ended up being with him, he wouldn’t do anything apart from tell me not to go swimming, rock climbing or drive.

He wouldn’t refer me to a neuro even when the fracture clinic recommend the drs to refer me. After about 4 months I finally got a referal but my appointment isn’t until mid january.

I had one near death fall when I was hiking. I nearly fell with a knife in my hand. It’s affecting my life, I can’t walk for longer than 10 mins without my legs just deciding stop functioning. I’m looking for jobs as well I’m worried I might fall at work

hi shelley

you need to address your issues with safety.

find a walking aid that suits you, crutches, stick/hiking poles, rollator.

ask your ms nurse or gp about these or source them yourself.

the elbow crutches look best to me.

you can spray paint them to a colour of your choice.

some people have even added fairy lights.

then find a way to cope with the wait for your appointment.

try very hard not to get stressed as this will make all symptoms worse.

take care

carole x

Hi, just a thought about your jan appt, you could ring booking office for appt and ask about a cancellation date if they have one. Ask them which consultant list you are on, if you don’t already know, then maybe ring consultant secretary, explain your difficulties are increasing and you are falling a lot and see if she could ask neuro see you sooner. It sometimes works. The other route is asking dr refer you to Falls clinic or physio at hospital, if you see them first they may be able get things sped up for you hopefully. Jules

My dr’s weren’t so helpful, when I was trying to get advice on how I could cope with the balance issues in the meantime. I do have some crutches at home, think I will spray paint, they are an ugly shade of grey.

Yeah trying my best not to stress, but even just knowing how far away my appointment is causes me stress, but thank you

Going to try call the waiting office and hopefully there could be a sooner appointment. If not I’ll have to see if my drs will refer me to one of those two in the meantime. Thank you for your help