so scared

Hi all

Am so scared and feel alone, over the last week my legs have become very weak and i can hardly walk, ive left sevaral messages for my ms nurse and no call back. my gp doesnt really know much about ms.

I dont know what to do it was only a few weeks ago  i could walk well and now i cant stand for more than about a minute, am really scared dont know what the hell is happening to me, i only got diagnosed earlyier this year and am scared to death.

HELP any advise please


Suzie I didn't want to read and not reply, I'm afraid I don't have any advice though, that sounds really scary. I would definitely want to speak to the GP, they will be able to get in touch with the hospital and refer you quickly if needs be, or get the MS nurse's attention. 

Take care xxx

Hello Suzie,


So sorry to hear you are feeling the way you do. Keep pestering your ms nurse and your doctor, if all else fails go to A/E and make them listen. Don't give up trying to contact someone. Remember this time of year people have holidays, but that's no excuse for not answering your calls. Try ringing your neurologists secretary and tell her your problems, I usually find that's the best way to get some action.

Let us know how you get on please. Good luck.


Janet x


I can totally relate to the fear - I had it really badly when I was first diagnosed, and still get it sometimes now, and I know it's not fun. But as the others have said, keep pestering your MS nurse or GP. Hopefully you'll be able to get some steroids which should perk you up. It'll be worth asking to be referred for some physio from someone who specialises in neurological conditions. They'll be able to help build up the strength in your legs and improve your standing and walking. I've had plenty of physio sessions over the years and I think it's invaluable in improving them.

And in the meantime, come on here as much as you need to and we can all support you as best we can.


Hi all

Thank you all for your replys, do you think it could be a relapse am having? Has anyone else had wobbly legs just come on them?.

Ive finally spoke to my ms nurse secretary and ive got a appointment for wednesday so hopefully should get some answers.



Prob is a relapse, but whatever it is you need the support m advice of the ms nurse and neurologist to give you confidence and allay your fears. The whole issue is so scary it can cause more problems if you become over anxious or don’t get any support and reassurance. It’s great that ur using this site cos people on here can give you so much info n support, whatevers happening to you will be your own specific brand of ms and you will get to know what affects it and what helps it etc. Hope you’ve got a good person close to you to sound off to and just be with when ur scared or low, it really does help a lot, I know this site can play that part if ur on ur own, so keep talking!

Hi Suzie,


So pleased you finally got to speak to someone and have now got an appointment. Do keep on chatting to us all as it does help to know there is support out here for you.


Janet x thumbsup

Thanks all for replys, i will let you all know how i get on at the hospital later.