According to Atos Victims Group News,


a GP applied for job with Atos assessing whether benefit applicants were fit for work, and secretly filmed his training.

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I do think we live in an increasingly disturbing world.

The NHS is effectively being privatised which will give lots of profits to large corporations, it refuses to look into cheap treatments like LDN, diet etc. and rations licenced treatments to a very small proportion of the sick.

The benefits system then becomes overloaded with sick people who could have been kept fit to work and therefore that becomes rationed as well.

All that leads to care costs that are unsupportable. The care system then takes all the assets of the sick to fund the care home provision that is often only necessary because the medical system has failed to do all it can to keep people well.

Not sure what we do about it however.

I would hate to be as pessimistic as you to think there’s a big conspiracy by drug companies. Sure they have some dubious ways in selling their drugs but life expectancy would be far less any many would die and live in acute pain if it wasn’t for the breakthroughs these ; in your view; drug cartels have made.

Linda Elsegood will be the first to admit that LDN will not cure smallpox. Dr Swank will be the first to admit diet will not cure polio so please get your head out your arse and realise we need them. It may be a flawed system but the NHS is the best in the World.

Now if you are trying to say the two Cs couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery that’s a different matter and I agree with you.