Gov plans to share patient data-through Atos

Sorry if I am repeating and you are already aware. It was the ATOS involvment that I was not aware of.## GPs would be having to supply your health data to a body contracted by government, to share your data. The recently appointed body that is to run this on behalf of government is reported to be ATOS, the French firm that has brought misery to so many disabled people on benefits.

It seems that not everyone is aware of these plans, or that you are automatically opted in unless you take steps to opt out (even then, the police can still access your records). A leaflet has been send to every household- but mine was tucked in amongst the junk main that usually goes straight into the recycle bin.

Many doctors are opposed to this plan believing it will adversely affect patient client confidentiality.

The widespread opposition to these plans has resulted in their implementation being delayed for six months .

I am bringing this to your attention so that you can make an informed choice. I am not an expert on this, I just think the way it has been done is devious - and if I needed convincing, the fact that ATOS is involved is an absolute decider.

You can read plenty more, and get both sides of the arguments by going to most newspaper sites and using the search terms ‘NHS Data’. Doing so on the Guardian website brings up about a hundred items.

I believe forms are available from our GP surgerys to complete and opt out if you prefer.

Thanks for letting us know about this, I had no idea . I will certainly be looking into it !

I signed to give permission as i thought it meant other hospital departments. I then read about it and signed the petition that has lead to the 6 month delay, and i will be asking for a form to opt out again. Thanks for the reminder, job to do.