Disability Awareness Day (DAD)

Yes I know that I have started a post like this erlier but thought I would start another one as I went on Sunday and it was really good as expected. I saw lots of different people with a variety of different disabilities just carrying on with their lifes and offering help and support to those who needed it.I got lots of information about the kind of support that is out there and even looked the various mobility cars that I might take advntantage of next year When my insurance is due on the car I currently have.

I spoke to the MS stand which was my local MS group and will hopefully be able to get involved with a lot of the things that they organize.

I also spoke to a lady who helps organize holidays for people with a varaiety of disabilities and ages so hopefully something will come from that.

I had borrowed a mobility scooter from my local scooter club which was a great help, I couldn’t have done without it It ran out of power then the replacement they got for me broke down and they sent someone to get another for me. My walking stick fell off the back a few times but nice passers by picked it up and reattachehed it without even asking

I had a very nice time, lovely day and everyone was so helpful and nice if anybody has the chance to go next year I highley reccomend it.

Hi Jon, glad you had such a good time. Sounds great.

Local scooter club? Oooh I’m jealous!!! Wish there was one around here.

Pat x