Disability Awareness Day (DAD)

I am going to DAD at Walton Gardens in Warrington this Sunday and was wondering if anybody else is attending.

I have been once before and it was really interesting and a nice day out meeting lots of different people with a variety of different disabilities and also seeing what extra help and social groups are nearby that can give me any assistance and maybe help me develop a social life. (I have no social life)

No social life?

Not true! You’re chatting on here, which counts as having a social life

As for the Disability Awareness Day, I was stunned to find out how BIG it is! 500 exhibitors and 25000 participants - it’s HUGE!

And how impressive is it that the organisers have reserved all the covered parking at the front for Blue Badge holders ?

Have a brilliant time and here’s hoping you come back with lots of ideas.

Lolli xx

Well if this counts as a social life then ok, Yes it is huge biggest in Europe and has been going for 20 years.

My local shopmobility group are letting me borrow a scooter this year which is probably a good idea as l;ast year I fell over and needed help getting back to my car. I will hopefullly get free parking too with my newely obtained blue badge.