Disability alarm

Hi there good people. I’ve not been on here for 2-3 months for various reasons including a bad relapse that did not want to ease, various chest infections including viral bronchitis, a UTI and having to have a biopsy on my urethra as I was bleeding on and off down there. So all in all it’s been a bad few months. Anyway, on Sunday I had a fall and badly cut a finger which bled for ages and probably should have had some stitches. Fortunately my wife was home to patch me up, but it got me thinking more about those little alarms that some people have around their necks to call for urgent help. Can anyone recommend a good system as a Google search brings up 100’s of possibilities and I got brain-ache looking through them! There are probably some good systems out there so I would be grateful for any advice about them that anyone can come up with.

Hi Dave, you might be eligable for one through your local authority. They are called 'Safe and Sound Community Alarms' (well they are in my local authority... might have different names in different places).

You would be assessed and then they link one up and give you a pendant. It connects you to a call centre 24/7 just by pressing the button. The service is free.

Go on your local authority website. They should have a special bit for disabilities, and then search for 'alarm'. 

Pat x


Our local authority generally do one for OAP’s/warden controlled there generally is a pull, like a llightswitch and a portable pendant on 233Mhz coded to a receiver connected to your phone line. They are very good and there are some units that incorporate a “man down” function and will activate if you are horizontal and it suffers a shock from a fall. The general operating radius is approx 30m from the base unit, but radio signal are subject to environmental conditions.

Questions to ask
How much is monitoring
Is it maintained
Does it have a man down facility
Is there a fixed room call point as well as a radio one
Is there a GSM (mobile phone) version.

Any other info pm me

I agree with pat contact your L.A. My problem is as I wear mine while sitting watching TV have the habit of falling asleep and setting it off. But they are brilliant as safety net so go for it.