Personal disability alarms

hi all.

Well walsall council still continues with austerity cuts although they are supposed to be over well not here the latest casualty is our community alarm they have just pulled the rug from under our feet and turned it off. So we are all now left without the knowledge that if we have a fall or injury someone is there to help us. So my question is any of you guys reccomend any private companies that provide this cover at a reasonable cost. My other question is do we as ms sufferers qualify for vat relief on disability aids, including alarm systems. I have looked on line for alarm suppliers but there’s nothing like getting it first hand off you guys.

ask the supplier if VAT relief is available, most disability aids are.

shocking how smug politicians keep on saying that austerity has been solved!

try being a vulnerable member of society and see that’s not true.

I live in a Labour ward and have always had to pay for personal alarm. Its just under 10.00 now i am tempted to go with the company we used for my mum as it is 12.00 and a bigger range for outside and also a nice easy wrist strap.

You can claim VAT on all disablity aids even for socks if you have diabetes and shoes etc. Also you can claim VAT if you have work done specifically to help you in the house.

I bought a Dora 6250 i think it was called for my husband a mobile phone with an SOS button. he just had to press it quickly and it sent out an urgent SOS email to people he nominated.

this is the system we used for my mum. you have to pay 3 months up front though. they would check to make sure she was ok.

My line is by the council which like i said i have to pay anyway. austerity or no austerity always have had too.