Homeline - or anything else?

Hi- It would seem I need more care other than my forever suffering husband- it’s not great when your elderly neighbour heard you crying from another fall. Has anyone user homeline or anything else available to help- when I do fall someone could be contacted. Locally I’ve been informed it’s £29 for homeline. Thanks

Hi Charlotte,

I use something called community link alarm - a service provided by my local council. it is about £16 a month. I will send you a weblink but obviously this is my local provider, but the info might help you find something similar in your area

Good luck


Hi Charlotte,

My local authority has a Community Alarm. The following is from their literature;

"The system supports people who feel vulnerable or who may have a disability. This system gives you and your loved ones reassurance that in an emergency help is available and on its way at the press of a button.

When you sign up to the service you will receive a pendant which can be worn around the neck or on the wrist. The pendant is wireless and connected to a small unit attached to your phone line. In an emergency you would press the button on your pendant. This will trigger the alarm unit to contact the operators in the monitoring centre.

There will always be an operator to answer your call for help as the centre is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Once the alarm has been activated the operator will know who and where you are as they will be able to access the details you provided when you signed up for the system. The operator will get the right help to you including the emergency services if required."

Ask your council about a Community Alarm.



Hi Charlotte,

I’ve just recently had Careline installed due to one or two not very nice moments whilst on my own.

I have a button on a bracelet, and an intercom unit next to my landline phone which I can press in an Emergency this is linked up to a 24 hr Control Centre which has all my details.

I have got this via my local authority/independent living team but there is a monthly charge for it, although that depends on your financial circumstances so it could be free.

It gives me piece of mind that I now can contact somebody for help straight away.

I think the names of these ‘Carelines’ vary depending on where you live but I think they offer much the same thing.

Twinkle Toes x

Mine is £16.99 a month from my local council.

Jan x