Diet - Detox?!

Hello all, haven’t posted in yonks, and to be honest not sure I like the new format of the site :oS - that aside, what I really want to know, is has anyone tried a detox diet since they’ve been diagnosed? I moved into a ‘community’ about six months ago - and ‘fads’ here are a bit of a thing. The latest one has resulted in my having my bloods looked at under a microscope thats a gazillion times stronger than an NHS one, and now i’ve been put on a strict detox diet for 10 days = which means i can have no solid food, just liquidized green vegetables - because my body apparently needs to take on board lots of chlorophyll. I am a little sceptical. I’ve just finished an anti-candida diet which i had to do in order to get the most from wormwood capsules (the last fad). I really feel like i now have no control over my own diet/illness/potential cure. I quite enjoyed the anti candida diet, got quite into my salads - but not sure I can drink green water for ten days without telling people where they can shove my shared facilities :o( Anyone any experience of detox with MS? Any Drs or nurses out there that can give advice on their effectiveness or appropriate use with MS? Many thanks all, Jxxx