i’m fascinated with the different dialects in this country.

i’ve been chatting online with a friend from leeds and at times we need an interpreter.

it started off when talking about ilkley moor.

then moved on to “baht hat”.

i said it meant “without” but friend disagreed.

here in bolton we say “it’s cold so you mawn’t go out baht yer coat”

being brought up in wigan one that i rmember is “sitthie”

anyone got any more??

carole x

Hi carlole

much as a loathe to disagree with anyone from Leeds you are right and your friend is mistaken.

the baht hat def. means without a hat. It’s the whole premise of the song that without a hat you will catch your death of cold on lIkley Moor but the song is really in a South Yorkshire dialect and Leeds Loiners are not really au fait with that


thanks jane

i’d put my own dialect to use to help me interpret it.

so it’s without in south leeds, without in bolton, wonder where else agrees.

carole x

in Yorkshire landers are guttering, syrup is treacle.

One question for any Tykes on this site - why do Yorkshire men hold their breath when they’re talking and only exhale at the end of the sentence.

And another question why do Yorkshire folk keep insisting they’re ‘friendly’ – methinks they ‘protest too much’


By South Yorkshire I meant Sheffield, Barnsley, etc. I grew up in a South Yorkshire mining village and found the Leeds accent very different when I went to uni.

yer a brave bloke krakowian

i’m safe o’er t’pennines

hi jen

we’d need an interpreter for sure.

my accent is wigan mixed with bolton.

​i love accents because i love the diversity of our country.

carole x

I lives in Brizzle, birthplace of Blackbeard hisself, where all Disney/Hollywood Pirates hail from. To be fair, not all Bristolians born and bred sound like pirates, and I do like the Bristol accent. In fact, I like a lot of accents - probably because I don’t have one myself, unless you count BBC World Service as an accent, got told recently that I sound like Tom Hiddleston (Jag’ advert - How to be a Villain), which is a slight improvement on “Gee - you sound just like Captain Picard”.

The letter Z features heavily in the Bristolian accent, for example Wur zat to? Yer tizz! or Zider eye up! Mind you, too many ziders and ee might end up mad as a badger. Words ending in the letter A have an L added, therefore Idea becomes Ideal, “I’z had an ideal.” this applies to be pretty much any word/name ending in A “Wurz Theresal?” or “You can get it from Asdal.” Its a bit like the London area accent on words like Milk or Ill - where the L’s are softened almost to a W “Pint of Miwk” or “He’s been iw.”

American and Canadian accents are good.

i love the Bristol accent, and i love the Cornish one too,i am from Leeds and if i go ’ darn sarf’ a lot ask if am a Brummie lol…cheek of it oh and and the Barnsley accent makes me laugh, they say Dunt for dont…i love it when folk take the mickey .

J x

i used to get offended if people took the p*ss out of the way i spoke.

but nowadays i even crank it up if people look disapproving!

i’m not ashamed of where i come from, i’m proud to be a pie-eater (wigan) and a keawyed (westhoughton) mixture!

local history tells how these nicknames came about.

real people with real lives

carole x