Billy no Mates of Cambs/Lincs would like to know where everyone else comes from!

Hi all,

Following my post enquiring if there were any fellow ms’ers in my neck of the woods and having not had one little reply I can only wonder where everyone else is from? I just wonder why my ms nurse is so busy!

So, just so that I don’t feel like Billy no mates and to satisfy my curiosity your replies would be appreciated.


Hi Sue, I’m from Leeds :slight_smile: why do you call yourself Billy no mates?? Sue x

[quote=“Bambi1968”] Hi Sue, I’m from Leeds :slight_smile: why do you call yourself Billy no mates?? Sue x [/quote] t

Just a saying around here Sue, I asked if anyone was from my neck of the woods and had no replies which made me think I was probably the only ms’er who used this forum in this area. Probably not a good idea to have used local lingo in my post!


I’m from bury st Edmunds Suffolk

Sue We use the saying here in the North too but it is regarded as you truly have no mates!! Lol Sue x

Hi - I’m a Londoner but currently residing in the Midlands. We tend to say Norman No Mates!

Maybe I should have said Billy no ms mates Sue, Ive got plenty of non ms’er mates! Oh dear, am I digging myself a bigger hole?!


Haha made me laugh out lout did that Sue :slight_smile: Xx

I have no MS mates either :frowning: but the people on here more than make up for it :slight_smile: xx

Lol! Do you think I should start afresh with a new thread titled ‘Billy no ms mates in my own area would like to know where all her ms mates on this forum come from’! I knew I should have put more thought into it before I posted, my apologies mates!


Mark here, Camberley in Surrey.

Very near The Wheatsheaf.

Hi Rosey, Coley2012 and Mark, thanks for replying…


I’m from Liverpool, new to all this and don’t know anyone with MS either. Seems not many of us do!! Carolyne.


jaki xx

Im in hertfordshire.

kim x

I’m in Belfast Andy

Leeds too, but its a very big place and seems extra large when the long winter nights draw in. As has been already said, friends Ive met on here I wouldnt do without, theyve kept me sane.

Sometimes there seems to be a glut of good friends, however by accident sometimes we find true friends, the ones who stick with us through thick and thin. Dont give up hope, Ive made brill friends on here and one or two are truly wonderful people whom I wouldnt like to live without.

Please dont feel lonely, or billy no mates, youve got some already, theyre talking to you!



Hey, thats two of you from Leeds already jaki!

Hope you are improving my friend,


Thanks Bren for your reply,appreciated, and interestingly you are no 3 from Leeds! Seems like a popular place…


Hello to Carolyne, Kim and Andy, thanks for your input, it really widens the spectrum!