Yorkshire Day

The most important members hereabouts will know today is Yorkshire Day!

I 'ope tha’s all 'ad a gud 'un!

I’m in 'ot watter na.


Hope you all had a great day Poll !!

Could her the whizz of the puddings fly here in the midlands !!


settle some things Poll –

Has there always been a Yorkshire day on August 1 or is it a recent thing?

Is it wrong/insulting to call a Yorkshire-man a Tyke and can a woman be called a Tyke?

Do you have a whippet?

Cheers and hope you have/had a good Yorkshire day.

…Where has tha bin since I saw thee?

Hope you had a great day.


Krakow…there’s been a Yorkshire Day for many a year, but I don’t know how many.

I don’t have a whippet…cheeky…,… I have a posh poodle!

I believe a tyke is a shrewd person…very Yorkshire to be shrewd where brass is concerned.

But the word is mis-used when calling someone mischievous or naughty nowadays.

Itintintin that knows!

Do you know what that means?


It isn’t in the tin (mate’s a yorkshire lass)! xx


A Yorkshire tyke is like a Scotsman stripped of his generosity. I a’n dun owt. (The most common phrase said to me by the pupils of Guiseley School where I did 3 months teaching practice. 'Appy ders.


full marks Tracey.


Mate’s from York Polls, I love it there, spent many a happy hour in the pubs, surprise!!! xx

I do love Yorkshire, but i’m one of them there Grockles - and one from Lancashire no less. Can’t see any reason why we can’t all be friends though.

Absolutely! Mates it is then!