Yorkshire Slang

I’m Yorkshire, born and bred but I can only get a couple of these. My husband got them all-irritating man

Well, I got 1, 4, 5, 6

Theers ony a couple a carnt get!


9 Where were you born

  1. I do not have it up my jumper

14 Let her get her coat off

15 Get here or you will cop it

maude, number 9 is where are you going

  1. can you fix it?

3, worner (?) a pig in a passage

  1. use your common sense

  2. where you born in a barn?

  3. put the wood in the hole (shut the door)

  4. Copod (?) do you know?

  5. where have you been?

  6. the baby’s in the water.

  7. i haven’t got it up my jumper

  8. let her get her coat off

  9. how does he know that there’s something up here?

  10. where’s the water? its in the tap isn’t it.

  11. who was he and who was he with? was she by herself?

  12. he’s got all his marbles at home.

i’m from bolton/wigan and i didnt do that badly.

we share a lot of dialect, must have been a tunnel through the pennines at one point!

my husband once translated what the foremen said and it was “willert a dun it by ometime? Hasta finished yet?”

stuck it on the notice board and everybody was wetting themselves but the foremen werent happy.

carole x

  1. Can you fix it? 4. Use your common sense. 5. Were you born in a barn? 6. Put the wood in the hole - close the door 9. Where have you been? 10. The baby is in the water 12. He’s going home 14. Let her get her coat off 15. Get or you’ll cop it 16. I bet it isn’t hers 17. Put them in here. 20. Where’s the water, in the tap, isn’t it on? 22. How was she was she herself? 23. He’s got all his marbles at home

I think! The others have beaten me. How’s a Lancashire lass done?

  1. Catch hold of this you. Top marks Carole and Flowerpot loll :slight_smile: