It's been grand (not ms)

Been a Yorkshire lass it’s been fair grand watching The Tour De France travelling through the roads of Yorkshire & the support they got from the good old Yorkshire folk. Felt very proud watching it :slight_smile:


Yes, it was just a shame that some of the spectators couldn’t stand back and let them pass. Watching them que up just to get past folk watching was a bit off.


i second that,we know how to give everyone a warm yorkshire welcome us yorkshire folk,dont we ?

its been so watch.

J x

i agree darren,felt annoyed at it too,some people just do not think at all.

Yes I totally agree Darren and that guy so deserved the smack with the elbow :smiley: but still great to watch all the same Sue x

I had to click on this post just because of the title…We live in London and my wife’s from Harrogate,a couple of years ago we went for an amazing carvery on the outskirts of Harrogate with the family…as we left there was a sign on the door saying ‘BY,THAT WERE GRAND’ lol (but it truly was) i love visiting Yorkshire,and the beers a lot cheaper :wink: Fletch.

What can I say - gods own county! I often wonder what it might be like not to come from and live in Yorkshire. It’s so much a part of my psyche that I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I have the best of both words being at the gateway to the dales and all that lovely scenery that was such an important part of the tour and yet I am only a skip and a hop from the centre of Leeds. I lived in Central Florida for a while and it’s very flat - I yearned for a green hill or two. So glad that the tour went well for us ( idiots with their selfies not withstanding)