Le grand depart

Otley is not usually considered to be on the road to Paris but it was today. My daughter and I had planned to go to the Tour de France together but my granddaughter was taken poorly at the last moment. I was very reluctant to go on my own because I was worried about negotiating the wheelchair in the crowds. However it’s a once in a lifetime so I decided to brave it. Glad I did. The crowds were mega but apart from one man who nearly landed on my knee all went well. The more you do things in a wheelchair the easier it becomes. There was a designated area for chairs so I had a good view. I’m shattered now though - time for a kip Jane

Hi Jane, Been watching bits on the tv. It looks really exciting, must have been great to be part of it. Mags xx

Good on you Sounds like you had a great time Enjoy ur rest x

Good for you Jane! I watched it on tv and had a lump in my throat, as I always do with this sort of thing. I wanted to see Will and Kate and Harry at Harewood House. The flypast was thrilling.!

So pleased you were brave enough go alone! Another Boudica moment, eh?

luv Polxx

As you say - once in a lifetime - enjoy - it looks lovely. Jackie x

So glad you decided to go Jane. You must be chuffed to bits with yourself. Well done you!

Shazzie xx

I just wanted to add this as a bit of encouragement for people who are perhaps dithering on the wheelchair decision. I can walk a bit - in the house but I am not safe or steady outside. Today’s adventure included a 1 mile “walk” to the venue because there were no taxis or buses due to road closures. I got there at 8.30am to be sure of a place and to avoid the worst of the crowds. I then was in place for 4 hours watching and waiting. Followed by another mile trek home. Can you imagine doing that on your own with crutches or even a rolator? I wouldn’t even have considered it, but with a chair anything is possible. Did I look disabled? Of course I did but I’d rather be there looking disabled than sat at home wishing. A wheelchair isn’t “giving in” to MS as so many people think it’s getting on with things despite MS Excuse me while I climb off my soap box (not a pretty sight!) Jane

Jane well done you. I am pleased you managed it once in a life time and I am glad they had wheelchair places. I missed the Olympic torch coz I was bedbound at the time but Son came back with over one thousand pictures. Hope you got some pics. Don

Jane just read your last post. All these thing are tools to enable us to lead a nornal or as normal as possible life. They are tools people use a perching chair or a bath board but wont use crutches or a wheelchair ?? CRAZY I remember talking to a lady really strugling and she had a wheelchair in the car her husband said she wont let him push her in it but was in tears trying to walk along the sea front.



I’ve always loved Le Tour, have followed it ever since I was a kid, and I’m very pleased to say it’ll be twice in a lifetime for me. I used to live in Portsmouth as a teenager, so was able to see it when it came there 20 years ago. And now I live in Sheffield, so will be off tomorrow to enjoy it all over again, and experience the fun of waiting round for hours then having about 20 seconds of action : )

Vive Le Tour!


Totally Agree!
Use the tools! It’s not giving in!

I got a mobility scooter 2 weeks ago and have been more places in the last 2 weeks than I have in the last 2 years!
Unfotunately Yorkshire would have been a bit of a stretch from South Wales so had to watch it on the telly!

Good on you Jane! You are an inspiration!

Takr Care All!


I watched le Tour de France with my daughter as it passed the bottom of the road where I live. Really enjoyed it. What a great atmosphere! And good weather too.

Brilliant post Jane. So pleased you enjoyed it, it’s a great feeling getting out there. My husband is a very keen cyclist and we both love the Tour, we’ve talked many times about hiring a motor home and following some of it one summer. It always seems too challenging with my mobility problems but perhaps we should just go for it?!

I am not quite old enough for grandchildren (!) But I have had MS since I was 17 in 1976 (work it out) and have had a wheelchair, a driver and lots of helpers since 2003. I have been an academic, a painter, a lawyer (Portsmouth 20 years ago for the last Tour), married, divorced, well travelled father of three boys etc etc and all I can say is that you must just please do it! You can do anything you want. FDR told us that we had nothing to fear but fear itself. MS Is much the same. You have had a pleasant reminder of what there is inside you. It is more than most people would ever guess. Just go for it!