Diagnosis kind of - need some advice.

Hello This is my first post on the new forum - Fancy! I need some advice please. I have been having lots of MS type symptoms since 2008 and an MRI with multiple white lesions but not in the right place for MS. Repeat MRI no changes. Evoked potentials normal. LP no bands but mild lymphocytosis. My neuro is not particularly easy to communicate with and I am under the impression he doesn’t think this is MS. Now I have a Step-Grandad who lucky for me is a retired consultant neurosurgeon/neurologist. He has recently asked for a copy of the scans and has asked a colleague ( consultant neuro-radiologist) to view them. Along with my history scans they feel that this is MS. Now I am a difficult position. My neurologist is not going to take kindly being told that I have asked for a second opinion and also that they have made a diagnosis of MS. I am really at a loss - don’t want to upset anyone but also want to be treated appropriately. Any advice? Thank you Alison x