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Hi All,

Hope you don’t mind me posting but having a really down day today.

Nearly two years ago I was seeing a nuro specialist, who looks after mainly MS patients. After a couple of meetings very close together he advised it was MS but wanted to give me an MRI to be sure.

MRI was just a brain MRI and this came back with nothing significant and said to me that he is very shocked and that because the scan came back clear he could not diagnose it as MS. But if it was in the day of no MRI he would of been diagnosed with MS. I also have an ITP which is a blood condition and I’ve had this now for 20 years.I’m currently 42.

I have had a few relapses over the period with one drop attach which took at least 6 month to totally recover but that I have taken to become the norm when I have an issue (relapse).

Yesterday I saw a new physio and she is great and has also advised that the spasms that I’m suffering and stiffness in my body would be down to the fact of MS. She is so nice and is now working with me to move me forward again.

Sorry for the ramble but my emotions are all over the place today, and I’m aware that it can take years for a scan to show up anything.

Anyone else had the same experience ?

Thanks in advance for your reply’s and support.


hi jo

there are different types of mri machines, with the better ones more able to show lesions.

i don’t know what they are called but your doctor would be able to find out.

great that your new physio is so helpful.

please don’t allow stress any head room because it just makes everything worse.

wishing you all the best and some answers asap

carole x

Morning Carole Thank you for your reply, I’m going to re contact my GP and speak to him in regards the hospitals report and possibly a further MRI. Take care and thank you for your support. Jo x