depression, there's hope!

Hi everyone. I was so convinced I was not depressed and if anyone suggested it I said 'not me', how wrong I was! I realised last month, I saw my MS nurse and got very weepy, then a few days later I saw my GP for another reason, Again I got very weepy, and he realised what was wrong. It did help talking, and then he gave me antidepressents (citalopram). This was 4  weeks ago, and now I can feel a big difference already.. People have commented that I am almost back to my old self, chatty and laughing again. I have also realised that I was sat all day not moving anywhere or doing anything. Now I am trying to do things (not easy, but I'm trying!). I hope this rings a bell with some of you, and I feel no shame in having to take the tablets. When I mentioned this to my Dad, he wondered why I hadn't gone on them sooner!

Lynne x happy

Hi Lynne, that`s wonderful news. So glad you are feeling better.

luv Pollx

Great news Lynne, glad you are feeling better.

Teresa xx

That's great, Lynne.  And so true that other people tend to spot the bloomin' obvious more quickly than the depressed person does!



Hi Lynne, I had depression much like yourself, swore i wasn,t depressed but it was only when i came out of it and looked back that i realised just how depressed i had been ! glad you're feeling brighter stay well,

sparkly xthumbsup

Hi Lynne

Well done for realising that you had a problem and for accepting the help offered. I'm glad you're feeling better already.