MS Depression has hit me.

MS Depression has hit

I am feeling a bit sad at the moment but for those of you who are in similar situations we know that "every day with MS is not PURR-fect! Depression is just another one of the things we have to deal with but when it does hit you have to try to remember it will pass, but until mine does I thought I would tell you how I’ve been feeling. Read more

Ahhh AL so sorry to read you are depressed. You write about it really well. It’s true ‘this too will pass’ but it doesn’t always help when you’re in.

If it goes on too long, go and see the GP! Get antidepressants! Don’t suffer when there’s help out there!

Great blog as per usual. I tweeted it.

Thinking of you,

Pat xx

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This is a very honest blog,…The good the bad and the ugly! however it is written so well and is really helpful and kind of liberating to read, There are so many things about disability that are hush hushed and often that can make us feel ashamed …when my ot brought the commode i felt awful and although iv’e got used to it and it has regular use at night far too many times, I still feel scared that I’ll be found out! Or that it makes me old and unattractive…I’m 50 this month so don’t feel great anyway, they say age is just a number, but I envy all the fifty year olds that don’t need these disability aids, But on a happy note I still have my mind, i still have a sense of humour and i have my lovely children and Lee they love me…and of course Frazer my dog he’s wonderful and I’m about to be a Grandma in December of identical twin girls…so i best stop moaning and count my blessings!

Well done and thank you so much for your honest but supportive blog

​Michelle x

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Great blog as always Al, I hope you’re feeling a bit brighter now?

Take care,

Nina x

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The Barts Blog todays explains that MS is a brain disease and attacks circuits linked to mood. Probably nothing new to those affected by this miserable symptom, but it does stress that help is available.

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Hi Everyone

Thank you so much for you lovely comments, I wanted to write about the bad times as well as the good, it needs to be told I think, I do try to be as honest as I can be in my blog. But I have come out of the fog and the sun is shining so it does get better, I do appreciate your support. All the best Deborah

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Hello AL.

Thank you for the blog. It’s honest and refreshing. I had been hiding it away for years. There was no way I was going to admit that I was depressed. Then I cracked. The house exploded and I upset everyone. The doctor explained about the antidepressants and so I began to take them. The difference was profound. I can even smile in the mornings.

Best wishes, Steve.

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I was the same as Steve, whereby I put on this ‘happy face’ for all for a long time, until earlier this year on a visit to MS nurse I just cracked, went into total meltdown.

He immediately got in touch with GP for anti depressants and booked me in for CBT, both of which I am still doing, and yes, although it seems a long road (to me) it does improve.

I have no idea why I find it so difficult to let friends and family know just how hard things are, but I do.

Take care everyone

Pam x

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I think we live in a society where it’s hard to admit you’re depressed. A ‘pull your socks up’ attitude.

I saw something on the news the other day where a woman was off sick from work with depression. Someone saw her at a rugby match and told her employers and she was given the sack. The poor woman then took her own life.

This shows such a misunderstanding of depression. People think that if you’re really depressed you can’t leave your bed! Which of course is nonsense. Most people try their best to get on as best they can. And actually going to a rugby match might have been an attempt to feel better.

I used to suffer terrible depression when I was young. I can tell you this, it is possible to recover. And actually I learnt a lot about myself and how to recognise my own depression (that is a hard thing to do!).

And as Whammel points out, MS damage itself affects our moods.

So if anyone out there is feeling depressed always come on here and tell us. Admitting it is the first step to recovery.

Pat xx


I’ve had a few days in the dark as it were but I’m hanging on to normality for dear life

Sonia x

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