symptom of depression anyone?

Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone else like myself suffer badly from depression as a symptom of the MS not because of the MS. I seem to go through patches where its terrible then im fine again… im sure the ms is attacking that part of the brain! anyone else get this?


Yip! Who wouldn’t be depressed! This forum helps, there are high and lows and sometimes the burden is simply too heavy but we get on with it together. MS is such a ba**ard it probably is attacking a particular part. Not sure this will help. so take care M

Yes Poppy, unfortunately well known symptom.

It’s a sort of double whammy… depressed because you’re living with long term chronic illness and also, you are right, the lesions on the brain actually muck about with the emotions and cause depression.

There’s some very good drugs to help depression now so don’t think twice about going to see GP and getting some help if you think you need it.

Take care,

Pat x

I often get depressed because my mobility is severly limited, I cant stand long or walk very far. I am currently unemployed and that means I am only suitable for jopbs when I can sit down such as working on a till.

I was due to start a child nursing course but didn’t pass the medical and that really upset me as I had the next 3 years of my life planned out.