Dentists? Not MS

Sorry that this is not MS related.

Some time ago I went to the dentists and was told that I would be having treatment including a crown, scaling and polishing. When I was about to have the crown fitted the dentist dropped it and I swallowed it so had to wait for another to be made and went back to have this fitted which was fine and he said that I would now not need to come back for 3 months.

Nothing had been said about the scaling /polishing, but I ended up going back to the dentist as I was still having problems with a couple of my teeth, but he said everything was okay.

To be quite honest I had already lost confidence in him when he dropped the first crown, but believed that he was probably quite newly qualified and wanted to give him a chance.

Now I feel that I would like a second opinion, but do not know wether to speak to someone else at the same surgery or go elswhere. My husband said that if they think I am complaining they may refuse to treat me.

Any advice please? Many thanks

if you have no faith in him,i would find another dentist,i found my nhs one on the nhs site, and hes very good, he had some good reviews,and i picked him because of them,and hes very good, all my family go him.