Dentist visit


My husband went to the dentist a couple of weeks ago, he’s chipped his front teeth and need some work done. Because he has cognitive problems he has difficulty in processing information I went in with him as he needs help. The problem is he kept moving his head from side to side and the dentist did say if he kept moving that he wouldn’t be able to treat him. I’ve noticed when I use the electric shaver on his beard he does the same. He’s due to go next week to have his teeth fixed, I’m a bit worried what’s going to happen, anyone else had this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, oh dear…not good. Could hubby be given a sedative which might calm and reduce his head movements?
I would think the dentist could come up with a solution.


I agree with Bouds on this. The dentist needs to step in and help with this. There are a lot of people who have trouble with dental work.

Hi, thanks both of you for your response, hopefully he’ll be able to do something. It’s not his usual dentist, as his old dentist is 15 miles away, it’s harder to get to now, because I don’t drive and there are no trains, it’s easier to register with a local dentist where we can walk to and Colin on his mobility scooter. I’m going to have to learn to drive, would make life much easier!