dentist worry

recently I took my wife with severe ms to a specialist dentist after a referal and a few months wait ,I was told they had a wheelchair chair tipper and could medicate my wife to help her if needed . to be honest I was excited that some one would finally look at my wifes teeth ,her teeth bleed and when I brush them my wife cries out in pain somtimes so I rarely brush them. At the new dentist after a major effort to get their ,no wheelchair tipper used just a 30 second look and told to get off soft plaque with brushing and told everyone with early gum disease has to brush ,a hygeinist is going to call at our house in the future and after that the dentist has told me my wife will finally maybe get her teeth checked ,sorry to go on but I was confused and upset and felt, thats, just the way it is attitude ,dentistry is just is very vague for the severly disabled I feel a bastion of resistence, and no dentist wants to know , feel but am I wrong ?Maybe Im too wrapped up in being a sole carer ,has anyone had experience of caring frustrations like this,?

I think ive been too harsh on dentists ,my wifes dentist probably didnt want to hurt her and was cautious ,on reflection everything will be ok with my wifes teeth eventually ,Im going to brush her teeth gently every day now , Frank

Hi Franky1,

I have had a similar expirience when taking my mother to the dentist. She had severe pain on the left side of her mouth, so severe she looked like she’d had a stroke! Our usual dentist is in no way shape or form disabled friendly, so I had to ring around for weeks finding a new one that could fit her in asap. All in all this took around 6-8 weeks and turned out she needed root canal. My point is I think even after all this time, people with MS and other disabilities are still so misunderstood, and unitl you know/care for someone disabled you don’t see or realise how difficult things are. I have nessesarily got any advice I’m afraid, but wanted you to know you’re not the only one with these difficulties!

All the best and stay positive x

Hi, I have been with the same dentist for a long time…before disability.

The last time I went to his surgery was so difficult, as it is in an old building and has steps. I tried to go in via their staff entrance…even worse, with narrow passages.

The dentist knew of these struggles and kindly offered to see me at home.

That works well, but I generally dont need anything doing, except a scale once a year.

Hope your wife`s problems with her teeth, get easier.

luv Pollx

Thankyou for the support , I m trying a little brush every day now, rather than a major brush as an when possible,this will be better, Frank

Hubby has gum disease too he is dropping to bits he kept cancelling appointments due to medical problems had to cancel last appointment due to me going in hospital.I am his sole career too he is not in a wheelchair yet but struggles with walking and severly sight impaired /blind with multiple sclerosis has to use a white walking cane and struggles with steps at the dentist xxx julie