day 6 of flu and no better

hello oh this is orrible…chest is still full of gunge…last anti biotics tomorrow…i’m knackered

Oh I am so sorry Bouds sounds like another lot of anti biotics needed to kick this one for you. Couple of people near me said the flu they had was worse than when they had COVID, I empathize for you, having ms is bad enough.

Are you in hospital or home Bouds? Stay warm and hope you feel better quickly.

Pam x

Guaifenesin chesty cough mixture helps thin and loosen the muck in your chest, making it easier to cough up. It’s not pretty but gobbing up the muck into a spittoon gets in out of your body rather than swallowing it again. Often marketed as the Non-Drowsy option.

Alternatively there will be the original version is usually based on Diphenhydramine which helps dry nasal secretions by preventing the natural body chemical histamine from binding to its receptors and producing a runny nose.

See Benylin for an explanation of chesty coughs (though other products exist). Horses for courses!

ta for reply. cantspit it out b4 swallowing it

at home wweeak

Stay strong my friend you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Pam x coming

Hope he/she sorts it for you Bouds, sounds like it has hit you for six.

Take care

Pam xx

hope Gp can make you feel better x