Coughing in instalments

Despite having a flu jab, I’m not so naive to think I’m immune from the nasty bugs which prey on our weakened faltering systems.

It got me last week. But it’s not straightforward.

I cannot do a full blooded whole breath cough. My muscles have neither the control or the power for one of those cathartic explosions that only a full blooded cough can give.

I now have to wind up to it with intense little wheezy barks until I can go for the full monty.

Logic says that if we can battle with MS then even one of these current persistent strains is a breeze.

Not so. It’s cold cubed.

Do your worst you beast. You didn’t stop me from travelling last Friday. I found the necessary strength and lift to the station to do what I wanted. Now I’m on home soil. Get back in your box.


get well soon steve.

glad you managed to get out last friday and i await your latest blog.

carole x

My wife had it real bad for weeks and was able to sit up in middle of night for several hours to cough violently. She now has very severe pain round her ribs on left side.I asked if she thought this was the ms hug i had heard about but its only one side so probably not. She thinks she might have broken some ribs and cant remember falling and hitting them.Could you break ribs by coughing too hard? thats her suggestion for this pain!

Not sure if you can break ribs, but you can certainly bruise all the tissues around the ribs from coughing. Either way I guess the pain will settle eventually - she’ll just need to dose herself up with whatever pain medication works for her. Juls

have you no one to slap you back? Not the most pleasant job in the world but I found it a help to have someone bash my back to loosen ‘things’ in my chest when I last had an infection. Is it called ‘palpating.’

After chest infection problems last year I saw a respiratory physio (no, me neither) and she gave me some breathing exercises to help keep the chest clear. These are to help when already crook and (and she was very insistent on this bit) to do regularly to ward off further trouble. She was quite evangelical about the need for people with chronic and disabling ailments like ours to ward off chest infections where possible - and amen to that, say I. The exercises were along the lines of the attached:

I hope you feel better soon.