Coughing in instalments

Despite having a flu jab, I’m not so naive to think I’m immune from the nasty bugs which prey on our weakened faltering systems.

It got me last week. But it’s not straightforward.

I cannot do a full blooded whole breath cough. My muscles have neither the control or the power for one of those cathartic explosions that only a full blooded cough can give.

I now have to wind up to it with intense little wheezy barks until I can go for the full monty.

Logic says that if we can battle with MS then even one of these current persistent strains is a breeze.

Not so. It’s cold cubed.

Do your worst you beast. You didn’t stop me from travelling last Friday but I found the necessary strength and lift to the station to do what I wanted. Now I’m on home soil. Get back in your box.



Take care of yourself Steve. Looking forward to seeing you back here in full flow. X

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There are some real nasty bugs doing the rounds at the moment Steve, I feel for you. I wonder if an inhaler would help with your wheeze Steve, might be worth having a telephone appointment with your Doc to see what they say. Definitely get plenty of fluids in, as that will help your chest, and stay warm.

I am sorry if I sound like an ‘old mother hen’, but please take care, hope you feel better soon.

Pam x

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I do hope you’ll start to improve soon Steve, so many nasty bugs about and according to my lovely GP this years jab just doesn’t cover them.

Plenty of fluids and rest as Pam says!

Take care of yourself Steve, thinking of you.

Nina x

My wife had it over New Year but I managed to stay clear. I had a couple of days in bed because she was to rough to get me up. Take care Steve, soon be summer. Don