Dark nights

Does anyone else hate the dark nights? They make me feel tired, lethargic and far less inclined to do anything as well as the depressed feeling that seems to be taking over, i just want to sleep till the spring.

Frazer is having his operation at the vets on Thursday to remove some cysts on his chest so i won’t be out much for a week or so until he recovers…I really don’t know how i functioned with out him, its second nature now to go everywhere together…Iv’e been partnered with him for a year now on the 28th of November, its amazing how much difference he has made to my life.

Michelle x

Hello Michelle.

It’s the early darkness that gets the season off to a bad start. I’m all set to go rampaging around on my trusty Tramper with thermals. mittens and hat, facing the bleakness that we know as winter. Like Frodsham, Crowborough is basically a town on a hill. It’s never not windy and the best thing about going out is coming back. But at least we know that the winter will end after the chaos of Christmas, New Year and all the bitterness the weather can throw at us.

I hope Frazer is able to make a quick recovery and not be too bothered by the fireworks tomorrow. He sounds a real bundle of joy emitting a warm friendly beacon, shining brightly in our winter of discontent. That’s enough of the poetic stuff.

I wish you well, Steve. x

Hi Michelle, hope it all goes ok for Frazer tomorrow. Poor little chap. Dickie says meow to him.

I’m trying to feel better about the short days. Try and be cosy.

Nina said on another thread that she likes having the fire lit and having candles lit. Well I can’t have a fire but I’ve taken her advice and have lit candles in the evening and it does make it feel very cosy. Maybe treat yourself to some candles? The scented ones are lovely. I got a huge vanilla one from Wilkinson’s for only £2.99.

Sending love to you and Frazer,

Pat xx

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Thank you Steve,

Frazer s a real bundle of joy…I love him so much …he’s so tuned into me when ever i’m sad he rests his head on my knee and looks at me with his lovely brown eyes.

Iv’e got loads going on at the moment and feel overwhelmed and a bit rubbish and a bit sad , not really sure why, I should be sooo happy and i am, but feel scared too…Iv’e just turned 50 so maybe its my age…lots of things happening Rochelles having the babies next month (twin girls) our first grandchildren she’s coming to stay with us after the birth so i can help her…she needs me, her husband won’t take time off I feel a bit sad for her, but me and her Dad will be there for her. at least having had so many children myself i can help… moral support, and cuddles… even if I can’t push their pram. Iv’e just spent a fortune on two baby carriers one for me and one for her. I found one suitable for someone in a wheelchair so I was delighted.

Bens my son with aspergers has needed a lot of support, hes not coping with Uni he’s living at home and travelling in, but things have been difficult, they still haven’t got him a mentor yet even though they said they would. and Molly and Rosanna my autistic daughters need us too…so i feel the famous words …Stop the world, i want to get off!

But as they say theres always someone worse, i can still laugh, Lee is brilliant and I have lovely Carers and my wonderful assistance dog Frazer

​Thanks for your kind words

Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Pat,

Iv’e just remembered i was bought a beautiful candle for my wedding anniversary…I’m going to light it tonight, thats made me feel happier already.

Frazer says woof woof to Dickie…I’m sure i’ll be fine ( in Frazer voice ) just don’t want to wear the Cone of Shame.

Michelle x

Hi Michelle, yes love, I too hate the dark nights, gloomy days etc. Think that was the catalyst for my recent melt down.

Hope wee Frazer goes through his op and convalescence okay . Our pups give us a boost, dont they. Our Sophie will be 1 on 2nd December.

Dont let Frazer bite any stitches…get him a head bucket thing. Did you read how Sophie bit her stitches open, following spaying? nasty!

luv Poll and Soph xxxx

Michelle - You can get an inflatable collar for dogs to prevent them from licking their wounds. Look online - l shall get one in preparation for Bliss’s hip op. Those lightshade cones are so awful. And with a big dog - they bump into doorways etc.

Our hens go to bed much earlier now - and the lovely girls are still laying 4 eggs a day - [thats from 5 hens] l look for some tasty greenstuff for them, when l am out with the dogs. The ‘muck heap’ up the field has lots of chickweed and fat hen growing on it. They love that - plus dandelions and clover.

l have a row of 8 solar powdered lanterns on my decking - they look as if they have real twinkling candles in them. l got them off ebay - had them 2 yrs now and very pleased with them. They make it look so nice outside - and l can see them all through the glass doors. lts a lovely sight.

Fraser will soon be back to his usual lovely self. Dogs do not get so worried about things like that. Amazes me how the lady dogs take no notice of being spayed. Back to normal within a day. Thought they hadn’t done Bliss - when l went to collect her. She was bouncing about as if nothing had happened. Be different when she gets her hip done - then l will have to keep her in a crate for a while as the other dogs will want to play with her.

Have two friends moving in this weekend - with their two dogs. Could be for 3 months - as they are waiting to buy something after moving out of a tied cottage. One of these dogs has a tumour in his mouth - which is inoperable - he is 14 - so the vet thinks old age will get to him first. Super little chap - so l shall make sure they bring his favourite sofa and bed to make him feel at home. The other dog is a Pugx - and loves one of my Rotties - so they will be chasing around driving us mad!!! At least l shall have help with getting the logs in for the wood-burner. Looking forward to the company.

Thanks Poll. ohh i bet that was awful… Frazer… will definitely have to wear the cone of shame, that sounds soooo gross …I don’t want bits of Frazers insides everywhere!!!

Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Spacejacket, i wish i’d have known before about inflatable collars i’d have got him one, I’ll check them out maybe get one 1st class delivery.

Your Hens sound wonderful my sister used to keep hens they had so much personality.

Your garden sounds lovely, we’ve got electricity up to the patio and last year Lee bought small lanterns to go around the bushes it always looks magical.

I hope you have a lovely time with your friends…I’m sure the dogs will have a wonderful time together.

Michelle and Frazer xx

Shelley- With the inflatable Buster collars - it is best to get the bigger size. lt is worth reading the reviews on amazon about it. Dogs and cats love this type of collar as it can be left on all the time - they can still eat and drink - and sleep with no discomfort. l think the the old type - makes them quite miserable. The ‘cone of shame’ - l saw it referred as.

Hope all went well with Frazer today Michelle?

Hope the candle helped with the gloom of the early dark nights? They make my room feel so cosy!

Please let us know how the op went.

take care,

Nina xx

Hope Frazer’s op went OK and he is back home being pampered.

Pam x

Hope Frazers home safe and sound Michelle.

J x

Thanks everyone Frazers opp went well he’s back home feeling sorry for himself, he’s very sleepy, hopefully he will be more like himself tomorrow.

Michelle x