Feeling exhausted

They’ve all gone back to school and the house is a quiet again , Frazer is glad to have some peace. The weather has been too cold to go out today so weve both been snuggling up infront of thr fire. I enjoyed seeing our family over the holiday period but I’ve used up all of my energy. I tried to come off the Amitriptyline i hate the groggy feeling but unfortunately ive had to go back on it, my tinnitus and pain came back. Today I’ve just stayed on the sofa with my heated throw sleeping . I hope everyone else is okay Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle. Great to see you back on here. Seeing everyone over the holidays can be exhausting. As lovely as it is, just chatting and listening,being attentive,is all using energy we don’t always have. Enjoy your quiet time with Frazer. Recover some lost energy x

Hi Michelle

Nice to see you on the forum again. Even though our christmas was quiet, it still appeared tiring, so I can imagine how you must be feeling having a house full! Now they have all gone home or are back at school time for you and the lovely Fraser to take time out and rest.

Your heated blanket sounds fantastic.

Pam x

Hello Michelle.

Listen to your body and take it easy.

When I was teaching, I’d be carried along by the energy of it but when I sat down at home, it would be the tumbling of collapseville. (New word)

Take it easy.

xx woof