Damn - please read many £££££s, I was given several warnings no energy,less energy,are you listening the energy tank is empty… stop pushing yourself

Now you will listen, flat on my faceon the bedroom carpet. How do you smack your nose/land on your nose?? ***s/pain, I am so with myself, I was feeling good and thought I’d get away with it, not bloody likely!! Ice pack to my poor face and more wobbly legs, hey I’m here writing to my gang, please be safeM

Oh M!!! How awful hon. Hope your face isn’t too badly bruised? Nose not broken?

Don’t beat yourself up for it! We all push ourselves… sometimes it’s the only way to do anything!

Dr.PatB prescribes chocolates (to be taken as needed).

Big ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Lots of love M.Hope you feel much better soon.

Pat xx

Hi M

I am so sorry to hear this,((((((((((((hugs))))))))))).

Hope you recover soon, we all tend to think that we can

push ourselves too much, but the monster always seems

to win.

Take care and take Pat’s advice…rest and choc!

Pam x

I know how you feel few months ago I fell in the kitchen and ended up at A & E and had 5 stitches all because I thought I could do something by myself turned out I could not now I have learnt to ask for help it is just not worth it.

Take Care



In my head xxx

Many thanks guys, I was really lucky not to need extra attention ‘just’ chocs!! ref DrPatB. I didn’t think my nose was that strong, not broken only stars and eye watering. Legs very tight and more wobbly than usual (really!), you are the greatestI’m promising not to do anything stupid for… a whileI’m not alonePlease take care and be safe!! Ice packs should always be at hand, maybe next to the chocsM

Sorry about your face M - hope it’s feeling better! I fell on my right hip as I was making tea this morning and it has been painful all day. Think my night may be poor as it is the main side I sleep on! Chocolate is a great prescription! Teresa xx

I fell on my face yesterday too - walking down my path, taking my little boy to school. Fell on my cheekbone - have a sort of brown bruise, that could be blusher, as long as I’m not in bright light. But it’s not fun falling over in front of your child… horrible disease

Hi all

I agree this is a horrible illness, and so embarassing when

you keel over, my thoughts are with you all. (((((hugs)))))))))) It’s one consolation

for me being in a chair, no more falls (hopefully).

Take care

Pam x

Hope both M & Sewingchic are recovering.

Love Pat xxx

That’s good news Pat, thanks x

Pam x

Hi All,

Yes, this damn disease is very annoying. Hope you are both feeling a little less bruised by now.

I have had a few tears today. Just so damn frustrating doing anything. Feel like this disease is eating me at the moment. Got problems now with both wrists, cannot lift things. Haven’t even got one good limb at the mo!

Hey, where are the chocolates, I need some!

Thanks for being such great friends,



Anne hon I hope things improve and quickly!!! I sometimes get the wrist problem as well… luckily mine go wrong one at a time so I usually have one good wrist!!!

Actually I used to have wrist problems a few years before there was any hint of MS so I suppose they were amongst my first symptoms.

Is there no chocolate to be had anywhere? Are you in a chocolate-free zone? Can you not beg someone to get some for you? (it’s a loss of dignity this begging lark… but what the hell… when in need of chocolate I will sink to any depth!).

Take care hon and try to do one thing today that makes you feel good.

Love to you all,

Pat xxx

Hi all

I definitely think it must be “chocolate time” having to put up

with all this crap and rain, sleet, snow, wind and bloody freezing


Get the chocolate out guys and girls…and enjoy!

Pam x


I have not had any chocolate, I have been a good girl!

The things with the MS is. You musn’t think that everything is linked to that must you? I could have rsi or damaged nerves in the wrists. Where do you stop blaming the MS for everything? Although it does seem funny to me that I have the problem in both wrists at once. I have had it before in the right wrist and after some time it went off. But now that it is starting in the left wrist as well it is making things harder.

Anyway off to bed to try and get some sleep.

Night all



Hi guys

My face is now an interesting colour, I actually feel lucky today - surprise/shock etc. Nose defineately tender, confidence on getting around shaken NOT stirredHappy Valentine’s Day, if I could I’d send chocolate to everyone I wouldTake care be safe and yes this disease is a B******, have an with me, M

Hi Anne, it’s true, never assume anything is MS. The reason I know (or think) my wrists are an MS problem is because everything else has been ruled out. Also for me the pain comes on very suddenly, is very severe (can’t even move my fingers a tiny bit without agony) and goes again very quickly. Normally only lasts 24 hours.

However that doesn’t mean that if yours are painful for much longer (which sounds like they are) that it isn’t MS. But really worth seeing GP in case it is arthritis or something else causing the pain… you never know…

Pat x

Hi M,

You could always tell people that you’ve taken up boxing!!! Seriously, glad things are on the mend. Once the ‘interesting colour’ appears it’s not long before back to normal. I’m sure you look as cool as ever darlin’

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you hon and to all our GOLDEN GIRLS & GUYS!

Thanks M for the virtual chocolate… … it’s amazingly calorie free!!!

Lots of love to all,

Pat xxx

It’s so great to have this gangtake care folks and be safe, the sun is out. Wishing everyone a good weekendM