Damaged pathway?

Ok so I don’t really know how to explain this but I’m sure you guys will understand what I mean and be able to help. I had a uti and a chest infection and sinus infection recently - was given antibiotics for it which cleared up the chest and sinus infection but I’m still left with the urine infection which I suspect has also gone to a kidney infection. I took in a urine sample to the doctors and asked the receptionist to get the duty doctor to do a dip test. I called in the afternoon and they had done the test and I had protein and blood in the urine still. The receptionist said that they needed another sample so that they can send it off to the lab. Unfortunately now I can’t do one until a week as its time of the month! A couple of questions I have is that surely if the dip test showed a problem then that would be enough to get antibiotics? Otherwise I will have to wait for another 2 weeks before I can get any and the infections causing me problems. Secondly for the past couple of weeks my brain keeps going through the damaged nerve parthway and I get symptoms of like a dizzy spell and sudden sort of nerve shooting - not nerve pain as such more just like the brain is going the damaged pathway. Is this typical with an infection?

Protein is not enough for A/b’s. The thing to look for is nitrates as that signifies infection. As for feeling things along a damaged pathway…I seriously doubt that. Dizziness can be treated but if it is not permanent it would probably be best to leave it for now.