Pins and needles - update

Ok I have pins and needles in hand part of arm and some of right leg and foot , I phoned my Ms nurse who said I could take a drug called gabapeptin(not sure if that’s spelt right). Or and I could take a urine sample to my Doc surgery incase I have an infection. I have declined the Gapapeptin as I’m not in pain but it’s really just annoying. I’ve never had a urine infection, I take it I would have noticed if I had!

why would a urine infection cause new symptoms or relapse? Or is it any infection that would cause this?

I am to contact her again if the pins and needles gets worse or changes. Does that mean they could turn into numbness?

woukd be great if anyone could tell me their experiences of similar ?

You may not have known if you had a UTI, sometimes the symptoms mimic the start of a relapse, that’s why your MS nurse suggested you have a urine test to eliminate, or be treated for, any infection that you might have.

If I were you I’d get checked for a UTI first, if that’s treated your symptoms could well fade…

Rosina x