Cyst? Ms? wish I hadn't asked...


Following my post the other day, I’ve just heard from my neuro’s secretary, that I’m waiting for a referral to a neurosurgeon/neuro oncologist. She’s chasing it up.

Wish I hadn’t asked now. Hoping it’s just a precaution, but she couldn’t tell me anything else.

Hi Hunny xxx don’t jump the gun - hopefully it is a precaution to rule things out - I had a bit of a nervous ‘twitch’ on Monday when one of the tests I’m having done is to rule it out xxxxxjenxxxx

Try not to worry - it’s bound to be a precaution and/or easily fixed otherwise you’d have seen someone much sooner than this.


Karen x

Hi Hunny, I’m sure Karen’s right… a precaution.

Let us know when you get the appointment.


Pat x

Thanks guys, its all a bit much at the mo.

Kizzydane, hope all goes well for you too. I googled my specialist guy, I don’t think I’ll be having the same reaction you did to yours (lol !), but he looks solid and dependable, even approachable, so that’ll do for me!

Hope you all have a good bank hols weekend x

Hi Hunny, Thinking of you,let us know how you get on, Chis

Just a quick up-date. Got appointments for MRI with contrast, CT scan and a whole load of bloods on 28 June. Also, got to have a blood test before hand to check I’m ok to have the contrast. Anyone else had this? They didn’t ask for it last time, but then, I was one of those that didn’t get the contrast even though was told I would!