CT Scan today

Went for CT Scan today why do they say they put dye into you when all it is is clear stuff with iodine in it ? I have had a lot of blood in my urine and they cant find out why. I dont care but they seem detirmined to make me go through all tests known to man. http://disableddon.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/c-t-scanner.html is the blog post for anyone who in remotly interested. All went well and we had a ride to Deal afterwards and bought some fresh herring from the fishermen on the beach. I slept in the car on the way back and came in and slept for seven hours I AM NOW AWAKE TYPING THIS SUCH FUN

Hi Hoppity

Glad the scan went well, and a trip to buy fresh fish got to be worth it.


Going to eat them in a minute now that will be a treat, the wife just gutted them and wwe live opposite a bakery so fresh brown wholemeal bread fried herring and then a kip

Oh YUMMY!!! Forget scan… concentrate of food!!! Pat xx :wink:

Hi hoppity, I’ll have a read of your blog at the weekend as this is a flying visit I am already in bed cos I didn’t get a kip in the car on the way home from work As I was nervy about whether we’d get to the doctor’s before it shut as I had a prescription to pick up.

Glad to hear you had some yummy stuff to look forward to, hope the scan provides an answer/solution

Sonia x

Hi hoppity, Hope the scan provides some answers. Take care of yourself, Nina x

Don, I read a couple actually, the MS and Mr one resonates with me. I liked ‘spur of the moment’ but I’m just beginning to understand that MS hates that stuff!

Sonia x

Hi Folks got an appointment with the urologist on the 10th so hope to get some idea as why I keep bleeding. Thanks for your kind comments, I will keep you posted. In the mean time I am looking forward to my Pancakes my grandson is heading round so I cant have any nuttela coz he has a nut allergy. He will be good value when he gets to toss a pancake