Good! Its not MS. Bad! Its mini strokes

hello everyone

I’m not to happy today. Received a letter from consultant in Acute medicine and Critical care.

The following are bits of the letter:

‘brain fluid samples have not shown any signs of infection or conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Mri scan has shown that that there are some areas of the cerebellum, at the back of the head which deals with balance and coordination that are not normal. The radiologist suggests that these may represent a lack of blood supply to the area, similar to a number of small strokes.’

i now have to go for a more detailed CT scan with dye injected. I have to have blood pressure checked again, although its always been normal and cholesterol checked.

I’m confused now as the first ct scan i had done showed no strokes. Suppose I’ll have to wait and see.

I was taking zapain for pain, which is ongoing, but that didn’t help, however, the gabapentin was upped and has helped tremendously. Although my scalp and arm are still sensitive to touch and even brushing hair is not nice.

I hope everyone has a nice day.


Well, that’s one bit of good news I suppose. And one pretty crappy bit of news.

I don’t know whether to congratulate you on not having MS or commiserate over the strokes. Both.

I hope the CT scan goes well. You can always keep coming back here, keep us informed.


Thanks Sue

Hi Annlou,

Sorry but I think its crap what they are giving you. First did they include a spine MRI?

A CT scan even with contrast is inferior to an MRI. Please read Rizzo’s account of MRI; MY BIBLE

Sorry; so quick but on my way out!


Hi George. No, I didnt have a spinal mri only brain where they found hyperintensities in the cerebellum. Spinal tap showed normal. I’m annoyed that consultant didn’t do angiogram when i first went into hospital. It seems even worse to be told no stroke or bleed and then after mri to be told radiologist suggests strokes. I don’t know if anyone with ms had the same symptoms but it was all pretty weird. Every time i was moved i felt as if i was rushing out of my body. Thanks for the link and sorry it has taken me so long to thank you.

I should add George that they say they want the angiogram done to look at the vessels in the cerebellum area.

My name is Natalia. From 8 years I have balo concentric sclerosis. I’m from Poland. I currently live in England. nice to meet you everybody

Hello Natalia,

How are you ?

Best wishes,


Hello Anthony Thank you for asking. One day is better and the other worse but I never give up. How are you? Where are you from?