I'm in limbo...stroke or MS?

Hi, this time last year I woke up with a numb face and left hand, I wasn’t really worried, just thought I’d slept funny. However it was still there a week on so I booked a visit with my GP she sent me to a&e straight away with suspected stroke. All my bloods came back ok and tests. They did an MRI and found a lesion on my brain however it was quite deep in that they couldn’t really tell me if I’d had a stroke or not. They treated me as if I had and I’m still currently taking medication for it. Six weeks later the numbness returned, I panicked thinking I was having another stroke and my son took me to a&e. They kept me in for a week and one of the consultants I seen told me he suspected MS and not stroke. I had test after test including a lumber puncture. My results came back and I had 0.6 protein in the lumber fluid and antibodies that an MS sufferer would have…I also had another MRI that was exactly the same as the one six weeks earlier. As they couldn’t say for sure I had MS they decided to still treat me as if I’d had a mini stroke. Four weeks ago I saw a neurologist that said he couldn’t say for certain if I had MS or not so he gave me another MRI to check for any changes.im waiting for the results of that to come through. He said if there were any changes I most definitely have MS if not I have had a full stroke ( not mini as I had previously thought) and have a 50% chance of having another!! I’m at my wits end…stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea! Has anyone else gone through this or can try and help me sort out my muddled head x

If it’s any consolation, even a person who definitely does have MS can find herself classed ?stroke when something new goes wrong. I have been in that boat - they later decided that it was only MS as per usual. Not a very comfortable situation, that, and I really feel for you.

I hope that you get some clarity soon.


Thank you Alison…I hope so too! I don’t know what to do or think at the moment…I just want to find out if it’s stroke or MS so I can understand what’s happening to me.xx

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