MRI scan

iv not had a scan for MS yet as im at the complicated stage.

Just wondering if you have a MRI scan for another reason, mine was to look for blood clots, would they notice any lesions if they weren’t actually looking for them?

My GP referred me for an MRI scan when all my blood tests for al the usual stuff - diabetes, vitamin deficiency, aneamia etc came back negative - and I was still feeling weak, dizzy and had blurred vision. That also came back ‘clear’ but she said she wanted to get it done before I went to see a neurologist. I don’t know if this is what other GPs do, mine didn’t mention blood clots or anything - she refuses to be drawn on what she thinks is the matter and tells me not to second-guess either! (although when I mentioned MS or Lupus she said there were loads of other things to rule out first).

From what I can gather it depends on the level of MRI - there’s 1.5T - T being the ‘resolution’ or power and it’s measured in ‘Teslars’ and there’s 3T. I think lesions can show up on 1.5T but sometimes some lesions only show up on 3T. I would imagine a good neuro should spot a lesion if it’s there, I don’t know about GPs - but they get the report from the radiologist - and surely if it was an obvious lesion/scar it would show up - whether they’re looking for it or not.

As you can see, I’m in the dark as much as you and I just learn things from this board!!


Sticky blood causes symptoms very similar to MS; see

I don’t think it would give a good resolution of your CNS but I’m probably wrong on this. Would the MRI be of both brain and spine (CNS)?

Don’t forget to purchase a copy; about £10.


My MRI wasn’t to look for a reason for me being ill due to symptoms. It was for a brain disease that they were looking for clots n tumours n was only done on my head.

didn’t realise that MRIs can be different resolutions.

You can buy copies of your MRI scans can you?