crippling back pain

Im in total agony i cant move the pain is so bad started the other day and was on left side all down leg and back now right across back and also all around my middle…its agony nothing touching the pain at all…my hubby thought might not be ms could be sciatica???..i have progressive ms and in pain all the time but i cannot move its so bad…

Hi, I’m really sorry you’re in so much pain, have you been to your GP, or do you have a nurse, yes it might not be MS, you really need to get it checked out, it could be sciatica, I had that once years ago, but mine didn’t go around my middle, don’t be in pain, we have enough of that with MS, good luck to you, X

Hi, it does sound a bit more than sciatica…but it could be an intense attack. I`ve had sciatica and it is really debilitating.

I used to get severe lower back pain and it was caused by poor posture and support, during the day, but manifested itself at night. So for long enough I thought it was my mattress. I changed them but the pain was still as bad.

I finally got help from Wheelchair Services, when they changed my chair seat and back cushions.

I dont know what else to suggest, except to ring your GP.

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