Severe lower back pain

Hello all, Recently iv been getting severe lower back pain, I’m unsure if this is related to my ms or not so looking for some advice. So iv had leg pains a while now just arou d my calf area then over the last few days it felt like I needed a hip replacement and couldn’t make it past 4 steps on he stairs before giving up. Then over 3 days now iv had a very bad back, it’s around the bottom / lower back and its on the right hand side, when I breathe in now I get terrible shooting pains in the area of the soreness of that makes any sense I’m not sure if I should seek medical advice or if this is just something else that’s happening Any help would be greatly appreciated

see your gp.

better to get checked for mechanical faults before assuming it’s electrical (MS).

maybe gentle physio would help.

hydrotherapy perhaps.

it is worrying that the pain gets worse when you breathe in, don’t forget to tell the doctor.

the heatwave nearly finished me off!

i’d sit outside in the rain but the only place i can sit out is by my front door on a main road, seeing as i’m still in pajamas i’d better not!